2022 OHBM-Oz Best preprint award

OHBM Australia is happy to announce the inaugural Best Preprint Award to recognize Australian researchers who have made impactful contributions to open science.

Award criteria:

  • The first and senior authors of the preprint have their main affiliation in an Australian University or Research Institute
  • The majority of the work has been done in Australia
  • The preprint must be uploaded to a public repository and the application must provide the link to said preprint.
  • The application must provide the link to both code and data.
  • The preprint must not yet be accepted for publication in a traditional journal at the time of submission of this application.

Nomination process:

  • Nominations can be made by any member of OHBM-Oz with the approval of all authors. Self-nominations are encouraged.
  • A clear statement of 500 words or less (not including links to preprint/data/code) articulating the contributions of the work to the field of Human Brain Mapping.

Review process:

The OHBM-Oz Awards committee will assess the applications and provide their recommendation for approval by the OHBM-Oz Executive.

Conditions of the Award:

The Award is announced and received by the successful team at the annual AGM (15th September 2022 at 3h30pm). A representative of the successful team gives a 10 minute presentation about their work. The authors vouch to make code and data publicly available upon publication.

Submit nomination:

Send your nomination in one single pdf format to It should include:

  • 500 word statement articulating the contributions of the work to the field of Human Brain Mapping
  • Link to preprint
  • Link to code
  • Link to data


08 September 2022, 5pm AEST

Questions? Please direct them to